[Perf.2008-10-26] HERE - Tenjochiki feat. Cliff Edge[22-15-15] copy

for my own birthday^^


:BoA – Happy Birthday
:Tenjochiki – HERE
:Tohoshinki – RIDE ON
:BoA – Love Letter
:BoA – Love Letter (Winter Acoustic Mix)
:Jaejoong and YuChun – COLORS’~Melody & Harmony~ (full tracks)

Ok!! First I would say HAppy Birthday To Myself”. hahaha… Being so selfish-lover. These songs were my birthday soundtrack. It all have a different special meaning.

~*Happy Birthday – It’s a sweet song. I add it because of the title, truthfully I’m not so fond to this song. It’s just really suit in my birthday.

~*HERE – Here is one of the best song released by Tenjochiki. It was released last year, right in october 22th, but it was leaked since september. The intro was flowing like “happy birthday….happy birthday..” that’s why this is my special soundtrack.XD

~*RIDE ON – It’s about 2 years ago. It was released in september 19th but I heard it for the first time in my birthday. I felt it was one of the best suprise on that day. I really like this song. The R&B beat is really nice and they sound very sexy, even the sexiest song that they’ve ever released.

~*Love Letter – this is such a romantic song. BoA sound really lovely. Even it doesn’t make any sense if placed it in the birthday section. lol. The song was released a day after my birthday 2 years ago. wow.. seems like 2 years ago was the best birthday.

~*COLORS’~Melody & Harmony~ – how could I say that I am very thank to them for releasing such a good melody in this autumn. It is one of the best part in my current birthday. Eventhough it was released 2 days before mine I think it still felt like it is on my birthday. Haha…

[Teaser] LOVE LETTER (feat. BoA & Jaejoong)

I made it up. Please don’t going crazy over that.. hehe…

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all september 25th too..^^

One thought on “The 16th BIRTHDAY STUFF^^

  1. youngladyjunsu says:

    I can’t handle my time to make the special birthday stuff to this year..
    anyway happy birthday to myself in this 2010

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