[Album] Tohoshinki – Five In Black

DBSK (21)
DBSK (22)

Title: The Second Album – Five In Black
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: March 14, 2007
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 80.6 MB


2. Sky
3. Begin
4. Choosey Lover
5. High time
8. Yakusoku
9. Miss You
10. “O” – Sei Han Go
11. I’ll be there (Japanese Version)
12. Step by Step
13. Hello again

Bonus Tracks
1. Begin (Acapella Version)*
2. Miss You (Ballad Version)*

Special Tracks
1. A Whole New World*

My Rating: 7/10
It’s all that I can do to support this album. Maybe 7/10 would be the best. I can’t force myself again to gain it into over 7/10!!! Actually I’m not so fond to this album. Maybe this is the album that I like the least from them. Even not from their Japanese stuff only but from their all stuff. -_-
I can say that I like Begin, ZION a bit and PROUD but I can’t lie myself that this album was disappointed me a bit! *cracked*

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