[Album] TVXQ – vol. 3 “O”-Jeong.Ban.Hap (Repackaged)

Title: The Third Album – “O”-Jeong.Ban.Hap
Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release: 2006.9.29
Language: Korean
Total Size: 70 MB

A/N : I’m sorry! In the filename of download result of Megaupload link, maybe the track wouldn’t follow the tracklist below. Sorry, I didn’t type the filename like this tracklist! The tracklist on my uploaded file was the previous tracklist before they released the repackaged! I’M SO SORRY! Just change it like the tracklist below when you’ve done to download it! Sincerely-_-!


just click on the s MF (Mediafire) or MU (Megaupload)
1. “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap [MF] [MU]
2. You’re my miracle [MF] [MU]
3. Hey! Girl [MF] [MU]
4. Get me some [MF] [MU]
5. I’ll be there [MF] [MU]
6. White Lie (compossed by Xiah Junsu) [MF] [MU]
7. Remember [MF] [MU]
8. The story has just begun [MF] [MU]
9. ON & ON [MF] [MU]
10. Phantom [MF] [MU]
11. You only love [MF] [MU]
12. Balloons [MF] [MU]

My Rating: 10/10

I would give 9/10 for all the truth, but why my hand just cann’t typed it? XDDD. TVXQ, you’re all amazing. This album is great and they start to acted maturely, eventhough they changed it with an upside down contrast appearance when they released Bhallons MV. Hahaha…! Anyway,I have a sweet memorie for this Album. That was when the first time I knew them. I heard “O”-Jeong.Ban.Hap in the radio and seems like all people just requested that song. Even all people and the announcer always chatted about them. GEEEEE!!! That just made me Hate them on that time. But when I tried their music, searching their pict, grabbed their album and listen it day by day, I think…I would die if I hate them. It’s a serious regret to hate them in the first time. -_- Nice to reminisce them.
I also have a little special thing about On & On! Hahhaaha…, that’s just the first TVXQ song that I download from the internet.

credits: KPOP WORLD