[MV] f(x) – La cHA TA


Title: LA cHA TA
Artist: f(x)
Release: 2009
Format: MP4
Size: 52.8 MB
DOWNLOAD: Mediafire

My Rating: 9/10
I admit that the girls can dance really good, especially Luna. I adore her part. But let me tell you that I don’t decide yet which one of them that would be my favourite member, but by so far I like Crystal. I like her outfit with the black stocking^^ I can’t tell that she is similar with her unni “Jessica”. The more I see her, the more she just looked really similar to Tiffany’s face, not Jessica. Haha! But I catch the same way of her to smile just like Jessica and their voice is really similar. The difference is just Jessica can be spoilt and Crystal looked quite nice. XDXDXD *damnyoungladyjunsu*

Victoria looked so sexy, she is SHINee’s Nuna Neomu yeppeo right? But the truth is I feel she can’t compared like Nuna among SHINee, she still look like in the same age with SHINee, so I think SHINee need to replace another older girl to their Replay! :D. (Just Kidding!) For me, one of the big suprissed from f(x) is their gentle member AMBER! Ommo! She is rally handsome, I much prefer to addressed her as “Him”. LOL! Really, she ignored me so much. Weird to see a BOY among the other cute girls. *slapped* Don’t make me illfeel please!!!!! Tell about her, Sul-li is contrast, she is pretty cute. Maybe she got a style like an innocence girl. For the more, let me tell the truth, I don’t like her acting in the MV. What’s wrong? Everything is not so wrong. She just … supposed-to-be f(x)’s So Hee. XD *So Hee??* As we know that So Hee is such an unclear talented member in WG. She can act but not for singing. I hope I was wrong!

Anyway, this is such great MV, the way they come by a car just reminds me a lot to 2NE1 – Fire (MV Street Version) kekekkkekke…., just like SHINee’s Nuna You’re So Pretty that reminds me a bit to Big Bang’s We Belong Together. XD Not just the intro, the light fire that appeared from Luna’s hand also reminds me to DARA’s light boom fire in the Fire MV. Haha! I can’t stop, but it seems like SM did it to promote them and borrow the other group fame a bit.

credits: Pori Pori