Title: The First Album – TRIANGLE
Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release: 2004.10.13
Language: Korean
Total Size: 80 MB


1. Midoyo (I Believe) [megaupload] [MF]
2. Thank To [megaupload] [MF]
3. Triangle (feat. BoA and The TRAX) [megaupload] [MF]
4. Will You Be My Girlfriend? [megaupload] [MF]
5. Whatever They Say -Acapella version- [megaupload] [MF]
6. Million Men [megaupload] [MF]
7. Like Now [megaupload] [MF]
8. I Never Let Go [megaupload] [MF]
9. Hey Kid! [megaupload] [MF]
10. You Always [megaupload] [MF]
11. HUG [megaupload] [MF]
12. My Little Princess [megaupload] [MF]
13. The Way You Are [megaupload] [MF]
14. TRIANGLE (TVXQ version) [megaupload] [MF]

My Rating: 10/10
Anyway! The first album. It’s been old right now but TVXQ still eternal in my heart. They did a lot of amazing stuff since they debuted, just like this album. I love all the tracks. MIDOYO is one of my everlasting song^^, and they prove their vocal ability in acapella version of  Whatever They Say. I love acapella, especially if it come from these boys.

TRIANGLE is an amazing nice and wonderful track featuring BoA and TRAX. TRAX did it rock, rock element and well hip hop. They added a Mozart melody in the intro too and BoA’s voice after Jaejoong is really sound wonderful.

A/N : I give the Mediafire link due to the request of someone ^^. Enjoy it!!! Tell me if I did it wrong or put it in the wrong link XD

credits: jerarudiin@Boajjang

2 thoughts on “[Album] TVXQ – TRIANGLE

  1. carmen says:

    hello! thanks for posting this! but is it possible to have a mediafire dl link cause i can’t dl items from megaupload? thanks so much!

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