[Digital Single] f(x) – La Cha Ta


Title: La Cha Ta
Artist: f(x)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release: 2009.08.31
Language: Korean

Size: 7.33 MB

Download: Mediafire


1. LA cHA TA

My Rating: 9/10

Quite nice song. Crystal has a voice just like her unnie “Jessica” but I think Jessica is better. Sul-li has a cute voice, she reminds me to Dara(2NE1). The MV is also good. Amber dance and act like totally BOYISH. I much prefer placed her as a boy than a girl. She is to handsome. Hahaha.. She looked like S.H.E Ella a bit but she is quite tall. I think I will like this group. Their genre is nice and being one of my favourite. Overall this group can compared with 2NE1, just like how SHINee considered as an SM Big Bang.

credits: Pori-Pori

[MP3] 2NE1 – I Don’t Care [Reggae Mix]


Title: I Don’t Care [Reggae Mix Version]
Artist: 2NE1
Release: 2009.09.03
Language: Korean
My Rating: 8/10
DOWNLOAD: [mediafire]

For the truth, I am not so fond to this song, but everytime CL sings her part, I like her improvement. She sound very different. Even her rap part was changed and I can’t say that it’s better than the original version, but they sound different. Haha.. can’t wait to their next stuff in the next october!!

credits: Pori-Pori

[Mini Album] 2NE1 – The First Mini Album


Title: The First Mini Album
Artist: 2NE1
Conductor: YG Entertainment
Language: Korean
Release: 2009.07.08
Total Size: 36 MB

1. Fire [megaupload]
2. I Don’t Care [megaupload]
3. In The Club [megaupload]
4. Let’s Go Party [megaupload]
5. Pretty Boy [megaupload]
6. Stay Together [megaupload]
7. Lolipop (feat. Big Bang) [megaupload]

My Rating: 9/10

1. FIRE – This is their debut digital single. Yez I like it!! CL starts it with a good naration and I can feel a little husky style in her rapping just like G-D =). No wonder they are compared with Big Bang, but the truth is they still have a good stuff and didn’t annoying. -Back to the song- I love everytime CL rapped, like ‘mi mi mi mi mi mi michigo sipeo!!” Hahahaa.. I like that part so much. Quite reppetitive overall, just like “eh eh eh eh eh eh” or “Now Let’s chumeul chumeul chumeul” or “Get up Get up Get up Get up” or “Le Le Le Le Le Let’s go” or “Meoriga chalrang chalrang chalrang chalrang daedoreuk”, XD ~LOL~ .., I find a lot of reppetitive part, but OMMO, they still did it well.

2. I DON’T CARE – Once again, I like the most CL narration in the first, such like “Hey Playboy, it’s about the time and your time’s up”. She is very talented, now I would say that she is my favourite female rapper the most. Wuuw I’m obsessed to her. The others also give their best. Minzy has a good stuff and she is pretty cute. Grrr .. she is just younger than me a bit. Wonder how she sometimes acting like she is not in her age. 2NE1 style made her looked like a doll. Hahaha Ok~! Back to the song….*this LadyJUNSU like to saying too much*. I start with CL and Bomie unni that I adore so much. CL part after Minzy is the part that I like to sing XDDDD. I wonder that CL also sing not just rapped. Her voice is really good and indulging. Bom has a good powerful voice in the chorus and she did the chorus really good while the others clapping their hand. That’s just amazing and my best finding a long the song. Dara…..! She just tried her cuteness. Her voice is quite tiny and I don’t know how to say about her. Overall this is a great song.

3. IN THE CLUB – Like this too. It’s a good minor R&B. I can’t lie but I confess that Dara’s voice is quite annoying in this song. She shouldn’t has that part. Quite disappointed.

4. LET’S GO PARTY – What language was in the intro??? Tagalog??? Dara’s language? I think that Dara. Nice beat. I like Minzy part “Work it work it work it”. Reppetitive again but why 2NE1 always sound good in such part like that. Bom’s echoing voice in the bridge is also a repetitive word but I still like it. Weird!

5. PRETTY BOY – It start with a “Hey Pretty boy!” and CL yelled “Hey Ladies” and the girls answered “Yeahh…” . Haha I think they try to warned all the pretty boys to make themselves becoming “Gentle”. XD!! Dara sound quite digital. She always has a digital part. Maybe some weird with her voice. Then the part when CL said supposed tobe like “Turn left turn left”, it just reminds me to Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. Hehe.

– I’m not so fond to this song. But I like Bomie’s voice in the chorus and the bridge.

7. LOLIPOP (feat. Big Bang) – First, I never want to try this song. The MV is not as good as I expected. Not so being amused by this song. But you all will like it.