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‘I give it in the random track!! The full album was still postponed. Have a good waiting. Do Hwaiting! Always support SM Artist because their agency give them a rough life in the other side. XD *sarcasm*’

12.34 (NOTHING BETTER) (sung by TVXQ)
size: 9.5 MB in the Megaupload and 5.6 MB in Mediafire link.
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rating: 100!/100!

It’s pretty match to play this kind of song in the rainy day (like roday^^,). Yeah..It’s raining outside. First, I would think that they were wrong to placed a song like this in the summer album that mostly has a catchy up-beat song, but one day when I played this song in my MP3 player, unexpectedly the rain fell and it made me realized that it’s also a pretty match song to the summer, especially in the rainy day of summer.(of course, will be more lovely in the “Rainy Night”^o^). If the others just completed the album with a powerful summer beat,now TVXQ would give a special relaxed song for a rainy day in the summer. Good impression!!!

SEASIDE (sung by TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee)
Size: 7.2 MB
DOWNLOAD: Megaupload
rating: 100!/100!

If you want a paradise come in your summer vacation, just listen to this song and imagined the 23 good-looking boys dance and singing passionately on the stage. GEESSSZ!! I can’t control myself when I heard this song. It’s a PERFECTION. I really have lost a lot of my words to reviewed this. Mianhae, I can’t say nothing for awhile. SO many fun in this song and it’s going too much to describe it in a short review. Ommo! I’m too over crazy about this song.
Just info, this song just makes me feel a little passion like “BOX IN THE SHIP” or “UNDER THE SEA” a bit. The beat is quite similar. It’s little messy in the first part. XD. They all chanted unclearly and anyway,that’s enough to makes me imagined how many were there in that time! Gosh! They make a lot of fun and cute voice. JUNSU still sound well (of course)
You know how they did the rap part? LOL! I prefer say that it’s a “Rapping Battle” than just a simple rap part. A lot of fun and unique voice. Again and again, the rap part,ooppzz.. I mean the ‘rapping battle’ is damn cute and attractive. Haha! *laughlaughlaugh* Love the Key’s part.

SCAR (sung by SHINee)
Size: 7.2 MB
DOWNLOAD: Megaupload
rating: -1/10

Haha.. is that the least rating that I could give to this song??? I really don’t like this. Their voice is good but the melody just messed them up. Mianhae, but I say the truth of myself. That’s all I can say!

CARNIVAL (sung by Super Junior)
Size: 8.9 MB
DOWNLOAD: mediafire
rating: 3/10

Quite better than SHINee’s song, but I don’t say that this is a good song. It’s a right summer beat indeed, but for the truth.. hehehe.. just llook at my rating, you know how I feel. ^^

[Single] CSJH The Grace – MY EVERYTHING

COVER TSZX3rdSingle Yoljeong

Title: The 3rd Single – MY EVERYTHING
Artist: Cheon Sang Ji Hee THE GRACE (CSJH/TSZX)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Released: 2006.11.03
Language: Korean
Size: 26 Mb


1 – My Everything
2 – The Final Sentence
3 – Iris
4 – Faith
5 – My Everything (radio edit)


My Rating: 10/10

1. My Everything : No matter it took a very long duration or not, because they still sound well and the melody has a varioust color. This is my favourite song ever. I don’t know how many time again I will replay it. I love everytime Lina and Stephanie give their high pitch. Sunday always takes the soft part and Dana will freak it! XD! But I have no idea when I realized Dana have done the end part in a really really flawless tone. She is amazing and the genius one but sometimes her voice also become annoying in the big time. *slapped*

2. The Final Sentence : I don’t know how to tell about this song. It has a quite classic tone that remind me to the motown or maybe 80s. I don’t like this. This is the worst overall.

3. Iris : It’s a great ballad. I feel like back to the 90s Ballad. :D. The girls really know how to placed themself in every kind of song. I begin to fond with it since the part in 2:57, when they sang the bridge and Stephanie sang the english line with her powerful voice that contrast with the previous part. She is the only one that give a super-high and powerful part in this. But I don’t mention taht it’s bad, she still done it well. I quite dissapointed cause it’s just an import song. What?? Import song? haha.. I read that this is an english hit song in the past and now The Grace remake it again. Lucky! The girls do it better and of course they don’t dissapointed me.

4. FAITH : this is just an acapella rendition of George Michael’s hit song “FAITH” in the 1990. Wow!! Their english is really good. Darn! How dare that SM didn’t focused on them! Import song again! Gahhh…SM need give them a good team to born a good melody, not just remix or buy from the foreign composser.

5. My Everything (Radio Edit) : It’s just a short version from the track 1. It’s felt like the first verse was definitely rushed into the chorus. I much prefer the full version.