[single] JUNE – You and Me


Title: You and Me [single]
Artist: JUNE
Language: Japanese
Released: 2007
Size: 16.9 MB

1. You and Me [megaupload]
2. Crazy [megaupload]
3. Without [megaupload]
4. You and Me (instrumental) [megaupload]

.:Download full-single:.

My Rating: 10/10

1-YOU AND ME : I don’t expect that the single would be so good. geezz…! This is an everlasting song! I love it so much. He has a unique voice. But hellloooo… why it took me so looooong to find JUNE?? It’s been 2 years since I heard the song for the first time. He is mysterious. He is a hard finding.

2. CRAZY: I don’t like this track. :p

3. WITHOUT : OMMO!! It would be my best finding in this single. It’s great. R&B and beautiful vocal. JUNE is great.

[Single] CSJH The Grace – THE CLUB


Title: The 2nd Single – THE CLUB
Artist: Cheon Sang Ji Hee THE GRACE (CSJH/TSZX)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Released: 2006.03.08
Size: 24 Mb

DOWNLOAD bellow!

1. The Club (feat. Rain) [download]
2. What U Want (feat. Stephanie) [download]
3. The Club (less vocal) [download]
4. What U Want (less vocal) [download]

My Rating: 10/10

-THE CLUB : This is the second song that I knew about them before. First heard them, I saw them in 06 Winter SM TOWN with their DREAM COMES TRUE. It’s great then I watch SBS Banjun Drama and saw THE CLUB Pv in the closing. Because they did a very good powerful high pitch and add-libbing I feel never mind to replay it again and again. Love it!! Lina unni very great^^ All the girls have a different voice that mixed it into a PERFECTION. But quite dissapointed cause of Rain T-T. He didn’t give a goood part. It’s awkward. I much prefer if Steph took his part or exchange him. Maybe Micky Yoochun or Uknow can make it better!

-WHAT U WANT : wahhaa… The first time I heard it was when I heard the radio. First, I didn’t feel very special but the beat just reminds me something and Stephanie sound it well with her weight voice. Her rapping is attractive too and she always know how to make a unique voice in every different line. The other girls also featured in the chorus only. Love Steph!

-THE CLUB (less vocal)
It’s so reppetitive.

-WHAT U WANT(less vocal)
The salsa part is really unique.I never knew that I heard this instrument in TVXQ – Vacation.:D.