[Single] CSJH The Grace – TOO GOOD


Title: The First Single – TOO GOOD
Artist: Cheon Sang Ji Hee THE GRACE (CSJH/TSZX)
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Released: 2005.04.29
Size: 32 Mb


1.Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
3.Too Good
4.Your Smile
5.Boomerang [Instrumental]
6.Too Good [Instrumental]

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My Rating: 10/10

This is their debut single. Eventhough it’s not so much popular but I like it. The girls have an amazing voice. They really good in singing and dancing, even in acapella. I really love their great harmonization in Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.
TOO GOOD is the hit song. They did it well and their voice still heard so young than their curent voice right now. Compared with their vocal ability right now, I think they don’t give a lot of progress or improvement in vocal because they have been so great in that since they debuted.^^
Boomerang is a beat song. It has a catchy rhythm and beat.

(mp3) Tenjochiki – Coming To You (OST SUBARU)

Title : Coming To You
Artist : Tenjochiki
Year: 2009


My Rating: 10/10
That poster just made by myself. Because I didn’t find a good cover!
Anyway, this is a good song. The intro reminds me a lot to Tohoshinki – Bolero. Stephanie also made a cameo in the movie. T_T just a cameo. I wish she stars it and dance like a ballerina. ^^
Yahaaa.. No matter, they’re in the same agency right! and it is also produced for the same movie.
I really love Dana’s improvement in the end. As always their harmonization is great! Stephanie also sound good. That’s all. Hope they’ll come back soon! HWAITING Unnie


Poster made by YoungLadyJUnsu
It’s not an official cover! I made it up^^

Title : 12:34 (Nothing Better)

Artist : Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)

Album : ’09 SUMMER SM TOWN

Released : August 2009

My Rating: 9.8/10


Hmm… It’s a good song! Junsu sounds really good. His good vibration just hiding his bad pronounciation. XD *Mianhae oppa, but I say the truth LOL* Obvoiusly I heard he said “NOTING” not NOTHING! Haha..!
That Dolphinie!
Anyway, talking about them, I hope their battle with their agency will be solved soon. But without DISBANDING, ryt!!?
Keep The Faith!! It will be A BETTER DAY!!!