BoA & Jaejoong (Bojoong) – artwork selection

Here.. some artworks that I made during 2010. The second one is my favorite. Maybe because I think it resembles the most to real BoA and Jaejoong. After a long time, I begin to realize that in the other pictures, Jaejoong look quite young and less masculine. :D

It was really fun during those years. I feel my heart so much connected to a sweet madness. Young. Obsession. Passion. Crazy.
I love those moments but in how much I love the past, I never want to back to the past. Life must go on.
Love is movin’ on. :)


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BoA & Jaejoong (Bojoong) selection

bojooong board


This picture above is my first bojoong work :). That was the moment when all of this freakin’ craziness started.

All of these work already posted in Jaebo Wonderland , but the forum is already down.
All of these are only selected pieces for almost 5 years, I still have a lot in my harddisk. XD

I include all of my works, I mean mostly. OhMyGod, I have created a lot :D, so tired to link it all here. All of the works including merged picture and manipulation picture. More digital painting selection coming soon :)

enjoy :)

Feel free to take it. But please ..

-don’t edit my work

-don’t plagiat my work

-don’t hotlink

-remember to always credits me

-commeeeennnnt XD

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[FV] Jaejoong – My Only Comfort (starring BoA)

surprise everyone :)
This is actually a reply for BoA’s Disturbance ending, I think they should add one more option “Come Back Together”. Even though I don’t know which boyfriend that she’s talking about, I just found that this Jaejoong’s lyric is pretty match to be linked with BoA’s MV, both Only One and Disturbance, especially those ring ring thing.
Enjoy :)

Here is the english translation of Jaejoong – My Only Comfort (Healing For Myself), too lazy to subbed the video :P anyway, Happy Valentine Day :)


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All links down, so sorry

I would like to apologize deeply because all of the download links have been down and I can’t fix it. My account has been deleted by the server. I decided not to renew the account.



New Fanvid will be out on Valentine’s Day!!!

bojoong-my only comfort 31

I will be releasing a new edited Bojoong fanvideo in my Youtube channel on Valentine Day :).

The scenes are mostly coming from BoA’s Disturbance MV and Jaejoong’s ELLE documentary video. Jaejoong’s song “My Only Comfort” (Healing for Myself) will be the soundtrack. However, I translated the title into “My Only Comfort” only since it sounds more loveable.

[MV] 2NE1 – BE MINE inspired by INTEL “Make Thumb Noise” Project


Title: Be Mine
Release Date: 2012.06.06
Artist: 2NE1
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 60 MB


Producer Teddy Park partnered with Intel Korea for the project to create a song for the Ultrabook. When I watch this, I think it’s all about advertisement. But seriously, the girls look so stunning in white here. The song reminds me to “I Dont Care” and I bet, you’ll like this.